The 15 Best Math Jokes

Find the funny part of this terrible subject with these Math jokes
Math Jokes

Math Jokes

Math is one of the less funny subjects in school. Instead of making us laugh, they make us cry. But we have to make an effort to find the bright side. Can you think of anything better than our compilation of the best Math jokes?

1A farmer counted 297 cows in the field, but when he rounded them up, he had 300.

2Why didn’t sin and tan go to the party? Just cos.

3Are monsters good at math? Not unless you Count Dracula.

4What did one math book say to the other? Don’t bother me. I’ve got my own problems!

5Why is the obtuse triangle always upset? Because it is never right.

6Have you heard the latest statistics joke? Probably.

7How do you make seven an even number? Just remove the “s.”

8What do you call an angle that is adorable? Acute angle.

9Who invented the Round Table? Sir Cumference.

10MATH stands for Mental Abuse To Humans.

11Who invented arithmetic? Henry the 1/8.

12Why did the two 4’s skip lunch? They already 8.

13Why do plants hate math? Because it gives them square roots.

14What kind of snake does your math teacher probably own? A pi-thon.

15What do you get if you add two apples and three apples? A middle school math problem.

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